Your Community Needs You! Volunteer as a Fire Fighter to Make a Difference!

The Port Jervis Volunteer Fire Department is actively seeking volunteers of many backgrounds for our Firefighter roles. Every day, in every community, emergency responders answer the call of our families, friends and neighbors who are in need of assistance. From house fires to technical rescues to car accidents, to floods, our emergency responders are there to protect lives and property. Emergency responders are a special type of people, with many different reasons for answering the call of duty. Some like the challenges and the adrenaline rush, while others like to sharpen their emergency skills and techniques.  Every one of them answers the call so that they can help someone in need.

Today’s emergency responders do far more than put out fires. Emergency responders are the first line of defense in natural and man-made disasters. They respond to vehicle accidents, water incidents, hazardous materials incidents, specialized rescue situations and a vast array of other emergency situations.In response to the aging and declining membership and the need for new volunteer firefighters, the Port Jervis Volunteer Fire Department has initiated a recruitment campaign for interested citizens, men and woman, to learn how to “answer the call” and serve their community.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and allows you to reach out to someone in need. Together with the Port Jervis Volunteer Fire Department, you can insure that there is always someone to answer the call.

Download and fill out an application, get it notarized and take it to the firehouse that you want to join.