LINE UP will be held on the grounds of the Port Jervis High School/Port Jervis Middle School complex, 10 US Route 209. During the line up period, all traffic will be one-way. All participating guests will enter the school complex just north of the Port Jervis Auto Mall (131 Kingston Avenue), at the entrance almost opposite Van Avenue. This is the same complex where apparatus judging will be held earlier in the day. The line-up will be a reverse line-up and it will begin at 1:00 p.m.

The Parade Co-chairmen will oversee, and the Division Marshals will direct guest units to their proper line up location.

AT 2:00 p.m., the parade will kick off. The Escort Division will be furthest away, a reverse line-up, and will march past the other divisions, followed by the First Division, etc. This will give our participants an opportunity to view some of the parade.

The parade will proceed up the hill on Hamilton Street and turn left onto Kingston Avenue (at the red light). At the intersection of East Main Street (at the red light), the parade will turn right. At the intersection of Pike Street (at the red light), the parade will turn left. As the parade approaches Hammond Street, it will bear to the left of the traffic island (avoiding the Mc Arthur Circle jughandle) on Pike Street. At the intersection of Front Street, the parade will turn left. The Reviewing Stand will be located on the right in the vicinity of 51-55 Front Street. Shortly after the Reviewing Stand the street turns into Jersey Avenue. At the intersection of Fowler Street, the parade will turn left and disband (if stopping is necessary, please pull over to the side so that other units can proceed).

The shorter version: up lower Hamilton Street, then left onto Kingston Avenue, right onto East Main Street, left onto Pike Street, left onto Front Street, straight onto Jersey Avenue, and left onto Fowler Street.

REMINDER – all participants will enter the school complex just north of the Port Jervis Auto Mall during the line-up period. All traffic will be one-way in the line-up area. Please do not enter using Hamilton Street.

Celebrating Community and Courage: The Annual Inspection Day Parade in Port Jervis, NY

Discover the charm and resilience of Port Jervis through its most treasured tradition, the Annual Inspection Day Parade, a spectacle of unity, pride, and historical reverence.

Introduction to Port Jervis

Nestled where New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania converge, Port Jervis, NY, is more than a geographical marvel; it’s a living narrative. Often referred to as the “Gateway to the Upper Delaware River,” this quaint town is a mosaic of historic architecture, natural beauty, and a community spirit as resilient and flowing as the Delaware itself. Its streets, lined with Victorian homes and historic edifices, whisper tales of yore, while the river offers a serene backdrop, harmonizing the town’s storied past with its vibrant present.

Annual Inspection Day Parade: A Legacy

In the heart of this picturesque landscape unfolds the Annual Inspection Day Parade, a tradition etching its 166th mark on the canvas of time. Far from an ordinary parade, this event is a vivid tapestry of color, sound, and unyielding spirit. Marching bands, their tunes stirring souls, lead the procession, followed by a fleet of fire trucks—shining badges of red and chrome—that parade the streets. Firefighters, donned in dress uniforms, march not just in stride but in legacy, embodying courage and dedication.

Community Spirit and Pride

The parade is the town’s heartbeat, pulsating in unity and pride. It’s a day when the air is thick not just with music and cheers but with a profound sense of gratitude. Here, the community doesn’t just gather; it bonds, celebrating the brave souls who’ve shielded them through smoke and flame. Each step of the march, each gleam of a truck in the sunshine, weaves fresh memories into Port Jervis’s historic fabric, ensuring that its charm and legacy are not just preserved but enlivened with each passing year.

Historical Echoes in Modern Times

Port Jervis is a town where history is not just remembered; it’s lived. Its buildings are chronicles in brick and mortar, narrating stories from eras gone by. The Delaware River, a silent witness to the town’s unfolding saga, adds its serene melody to the symphony of life here. The parade, against this backdrop, is not merely an event; it’s an experience—a vivid embodiment of the town’s enduring spirit and communal harmony.

The Parade as a Cultural Mosaic

A kaleidoscope of color and sound, the parade mirrors the resilience and spirit of Port Jervis. It’s where the town’s rich tapestry comes alive, displaying the vibrancy of its community and the strength of its traditions. With every note played and every wheel turned, the parade cements itself not just as a tradition but as a testament to the town’s unyielding zest for life.

Engagement and Participation

The parade is a canvas where every stroke matters. It thrives on community involvement and volunteerism, painting a picture of collective effort and shared joy. Local businesses and institutions don’t just witness the event; they’re integral threads in its vibrant fabric, adding hues of support and unity to the day’s tapestry.

Memories and Legacies

With each annual procession, the parade doesn’t just pass through the streets; it traverses through time, weaving new memories into the historic fabric of Port Jervis. It stands as a beacon of continuity amidst change, a rhythmic reminder of the town’s evolving narrative, anchored firmly in its rich heritage and communal bond.

Future Prospects and Evolutions

As Port Jervis evolves, so does its most cherished tradition. The parade is a testament to the town’s ability to embrace change while holding steadfast to its roots. It’s a harbinger of hope, inspiring future generations to cherish their heritage while crafting their own legacy in the town’s ever-unfolding story.

Tourism and Economic Impact

The parade is not just a spectacle; it’s a magnet for tourism, drawing visitors far and wide, eager to partake in the town’s signature celebration. It’s a day that boosts local commerce, spotlighting Port Jervis as not just a destination but a warm, welcoming community.

Educational and Cultural Insights

Beyond the fanfare, the parade is a conduit for learning and cultural exchange. It offers a window into the town’s past, providing educational insights and fostering a sense of cultural diversity and unity, enriching the community’s fabric with every step of the march.

Safety and Organization

An event of this scale thrives on meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to safety. The parade is a masterclass in organization, ensuring that the joy of the day is never marred by untoward incidents, and that every participant and spectator experiences the event in its full, resplendent glory.

Map of parade route.