Water Operations Team

/Water Operations Team
Water Operations Team2020-03-12T18:20:41-04:00

22 Hammond Street
Port Jervis, NY 12771

Meeting Night- Second Tuesday of the month


Frank W. Fuller, III

First Lieutenant
Timothy J. Simmons

Second Lieutenant
George W. Padgett, Jr.

Members: 30

Michael E. Aumick
Justin M. Brewster
William D. Brewster
Keith K. Brown
Dominic M. Cicalese
Gregory A. Collette
John H. DeVore
Richard G. Finan
Anthony W. Fuller
Frank W. Fuller, III
James B. Fuller
Michael J. Hill
Harold V. Howlett
Tyler R. Kowinsky
Jeffrey D. Lewis
Jeffrey A. Martin
George W. Padgett, Jr.
Robert D. Pagett, Jr.
Edward C. Pavlich
Edward C. Pavlich, Jr.
Dana J. Presto
Jeffrey S. Rhoades
James W. Rohner, III
Joseph A. Scott
Richard R. Senkiew
Timothy J. Simmons
Jennifer L. Snyder
Thomas M. Snyder
Bryce G. Sotelo